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Motorbike Bleeding Tools

Motorbike Bleeding Tools

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Motorbike Bleeding Tools


  • Professional Grade: Designed for automotive vehicle brake oil drainage, ensuring safe travel by testing brake pump seals.
  • Versatile Kit: The vacuum pump kit can test various critical settings and equipment.
  • Universal Compatibility: Attach hoses and adaptors to work with most vehicles for checking vacuum and brake systems.
  • Enhanced Braking Force: The vacuum pump produces negative pressure, enhancing braking force as a brake oil drainage tool.
  • Perfect for Maintenance: Ideal for brake and fuel line bleeding, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Dual Scale Gauge: Handheld pump features an easy-to-read dual-scale gauge for precision.
  • Portable Storage: Supplied in a convenient carry case for easy transportation and storage.


  • Type: Vacuum Pump Kit
  • Material: Steel
  • Quantity: 1 set
  • Color: As Shown
  • Short Vacuum Hose: 9.8cm/3.8"
  • Long Vacuum Hose: 56cm/1.8ft
  • Vacuum Pump with Gauge Size: 28113.2cm/114.41.2” (LWH)

Package Content:

  • 1 * Vacuum Pump with Gauge
  • 4 * Vacuum Hose
  • 2 * Lids
  • 3 * Brake Bleeder Screw Adapter
  • 2 * Tapered Hose Adapter
  • 1 * Straight Connector
  • 1 * T Hose Connector
  • 1 * Brake Fluid Reservoir
  • 1 * Universal Cup Adapter
  • 1 * Plastic Case

Ensure your motorbike's braking system stays in top condition with this comprehensive bleeding tool kit.

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